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A breakthrough in Point Of Care (POC) molecular diagnostic testing

Molecular medicine is transforming the entire spectrum of disease management, from assuring the early detection of disease, to defining the prognosis of disease evolution and predicting a patient's response to specific therapies. Diagnostic testing accounts for between 60-70% of all treatment decisions and with the advent of molecular diagnostics there is a growing trend toward diagnostics for the early detection of disease. DNA testing has emerged as a research tool in clinical practice and is fast becoming a dominant platform in clinical medicine.

Epistem has identified clinically important biomarkers for oncology and personalised medicine. These markers will help position the Company as a dominant force in the provision of Point Of Care diagnostic testing. The Epistem Genedrive system provides rapid analysis of these biomarkers in a simple, integrated unit lending itself to near patient testing.

The ability to tailor a patient's therapy to their own genetic complement (Personalised Medicine) is rapidly emerging as a dominant market within clinical diagnostics and has been estimated to be worth $232 billion in the United States alone, with a projected annual growth rate in excess of 10 percent .

Aimed at Point of Care (POC) and Near Patient Testing (NPT), the Epistem system offers;

  • Fast turn around times from sample to result
  • Simple set up procedures
  • Sensitive identification of clinical mutations including poorly expressed and low abundance targets