Histology and IHC Services

Image Analysis

As an extension of our histology and immunohistochemistry service, we offer both automated and manual image analysis. This can be performed as either an inclusive part of an ongoing in-house study where the histology / IHC will be performed by Epistem, or as a separate stand-alone service where pre-prepared slides are provided.

Our experienced staff can provide both quantitative and qualitative datasets based on the individual requirements of the project, and are therefore able to develop bespoke suitable analysis methodologies to suit a wide range of image analysis challenges.

Through the use of the Aperio scanscope system, Epistem can provide high resolution digital images of your H&E and IHC stained slides which can then be viewed remotely allowing images to be reviewed in a timely fashion.

Our automated analysis is performed using the Aperio ImageScope software system whilst real-time morphometric measurements are obtained using Zeiss Axiohome microscopes. Both systems allow Epistem to provide tailored analysis solutions for your projects.

The Aperio ScanScope System

The Aperio® ScanScope® System