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Oral Mucositis Model

The oral cavity is lined by a stratified keratinised epithelium. Generated by proliferation within the basal layer of the epithelium, this epithelium is ultimately derived from the stem cells within this layer. Crucially, interruption of cell production can result in mucosal ulceration if proliferation is halted in a sufficient proportion of cells.

Epistem is one of the few providers of a preclinical oral mucositis model, which uniquely provides objective and reproducible analyses. This model can be employed to assess the effectiveness of anti-mucositis agents to modulate the response to cytotoxic damage and can also be used to predict the likely side-effects of novel oncology therapies prior to the clinical phase.


  • Objective, reproducible histometric assessments of cell proliferation and density
  • Duration and severity of mucositis, speed and efficiency of tissue repair
  • Stem cell sensitivity