Epistem's expertise and in-depth knowledge of epithelial cell biology has been applied to provide a comprehensive package of skin related models. Epistem's in-house skin services are provided by an experienced team, ensuring high quality reproducible data which can be used for claims and patent support. Analytical support is provided by a fully GCLP accredited histology and immunohistochemistry service.

Epistem strives to provide clinically relevant ex vivo models, reducing the need for in vivo and human testing. Donor skin samples used for these models can be specified to ensure the model is representative of the required skin type.

Epistem won prestigious funding to develop a novel inflammatory human living skin equivalent model in collaboration with ScandiDerma. The grant, provided by the UK's Technology Strategy Board and Innovation Norway, recognises global leaders in innovation. Utilising Epistem's skin and inflammatory expertise, the collaboration aims to address the shortage of robust human skin models for testing inflammatory responses.


ScandiDerma is a Norwegian company which focuses on arctic biotechnology, actively developing new ingredients for dermal use based on arctic resources. The grant utilises Epistem's strong scientific background in skin and inflammation and aims to produce a much-needed model for testing inflammatory responses in skin enabling rapid determination of lead candidates by Scandiderma.

The Technology Strategy Board is the UK's innovation agency sponsored by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and aims to accelerate the development of innovative products and services to meet market needs.

Innovation Norway is the Norwegian Government's most important instrument for innovation supporting companies in developing a competitive advantage and to enhance innovation.

Epistem's skin services can be used to investigate many aspects of skin biology including:

  • UV-induced DNA damage
  • Anti-ageing
  • Cytotoxic potential of pharmaceutical components
  • Stem cell response and skin regeneration potential
  • Skin response to cancer therapy
  • Hair growth and response to treatment
  • Skin lightening and darkening
  • Wound healing

Epistem's Skin Services: