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We offer COVID-19 testing for travel and quarantine

Pre-departure Lateral Flow Antigen Test

Pre-departure Lateral Flow Antigen Test


For travel out of the UK where a certificate is required and a rapid lateral flow antigen testing is accepted.

Lateral Flow (Antigen) Test Kits


Lateral flow (antigen) test kit for self-use.

COVID-19 testing for companies

Returning to work, school or travelling poses a major challenge for employers, employees, families and individuals

Epistem's COVID testing services provide rapid identification of coronavirus infections. For companies, this reduces staff absence and the detrimental effects associated with reduced economic productivity. Employers have the ability to protect workers and their families from the risk of infection. For individuals, testing can reduce the spread of the virus.

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Company Testing

Epistem's COVID-19 tests include:

1. Viral detection tests
- to ascertain if an individual has an infection (assessment obtained from swabs)
2. Viral antibody tests
- to ascertain if an individual has had the infection and has antibodies to the virus (assessment obtained from blood samples)†

* We offer bulk discount packages for clinics, pharmacies, travel agents and other institutions and companies. Epistem offers one of the cheapest COVID-19 courier-based testing services.
† Unfortunately we are currently unable to offer antibody testing for individuals.

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+44 (0) 161 541 2301


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