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The requirement to COVID test and mitigating risk for businesses

Returning to work poses a major challenge for employers, employees and families

Epistem’s COVID testing services provide rapid identification of coronavirus infections which reduces staff absence and the detrimental effects associated with reduced economic productivity. Employers have the ability to protect workers and their families from the risk of infection.

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Epistem’s COVID-19 tests include:

1. Viral detection tests
- to ascertain if an individual has an infection (assessment obtained from swabs)
2. Viral antibody tests
- to ascertain if an individual has had the infection and has antibodies to the virus (assessment obtained from blood samples)

* Discounts apply to corporate packages for multiple tests. Epistem offers the cheapest COVID-19 courier-based testing service.

The requirement to test employees

COVID-19 testing is essential in the workplace to promote a safe working environment. Regular testing can help with:

Identifying asymptomatic individuals
Many people have the virus but do not show signs of infection. These individuals can subsequently infect other individuals unknowingly.
Differentiating COVID-19 from other infections
It is important to distinguish COVID-19 infections from others with similar symptoms such as the common cold and influenza.
Identifying clusters and spikes in infection
With the relaxation of quarantine measures, this could subsequently results in spike or clusters of COVID-19 infections.
Ensuring the safety of employees
The application of social distancing and sanitisation within offices may not be sufficient to ensure the safety of workers. In certain work environments, it is not possible to implement effective social distancing and sanitisation. Testing is therefore essential.
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Solution to your problem

How our viral detection kit works

Epistem’s laboratory testing services enable the fast assessment of samples to determine if an individual is infected with COVID-19.

  • The organisation decides the testing strategy required (e.g. single one-off tests for symptomatic individuals or regular screening).
  • Epistem provides swabs and transport tubes to the organisation and pre-paid envelopes for their return. Alternatively, the organisation may choose to arrange a courier service.
  • Once samples arrive at our laboratories, the virus is inactivated after the swab is placed in the buffer and genetic material is then extracted.
  • Analysis of extracted genetic material is performed using a validated methodology (PCR) to confirm the presence or absence of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).
  • Results are interpreted by Epistem and sent back electronically to an employee within 24 hours of sample receipt.
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Use swabs as directed.

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Samples will be sent back to Epistem's laboratory.

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Results provided online 24 hours from Epistem receipt.

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Epistem COVID-19 Testing Service

Mitigate the impact of coronavirus on your business with Epistem's COVID-19 diagnostic testing. Our rapid 24-hour turnaround testing provides the lowest cost for both infection testing and antibody testing.

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