Epistem's Antigen Presenting Cell (APC) assay utilises dendritic cells and macrophages. Data can be quickly generated to demonstrate the ability of a novel therapeutic agent to modulate inflammatory responses. This assay can be used for both high and low throughput screens.

Antigen Presenting Cell Assay Description

A pure APC population of bone marrow or monocyte derived dendritic cells and macrophages is generated. Following an inflammatory stimulus, novel therapeutic agent is applied and the effects on APC differentiation and activity assessed.

Novel therapeutic agents can be applied directly to assess APC activity and differentiation both before and after administration of an inflammatory stimulus.


  • FACS analysis of activation and T-cell co-stimulatory markers
  • Multiplex analysis
  • Gene expression
  • ELISA assay

Role of an antigen presenting cell

Role of an antigen presenting cell

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