Many oncology therapies lack tumour specificity and cause collateral damage to normal healthy tissues. Common side effects of cancer therapy include alopecia, oral and gastrointestinal mucositis, and particularly following radiotherapy, bone marrow toxicity. These side effects can become so severe that they are life-threatening.

Epistem provides a range of preclinical models that can be used to:

  • Determine toxicity effects of novel chemotherapy agents
  • Assess the efficacy of novel therapeutic agents to treat and reduce these side effects

Alopecia Model

A defined area receives a high dose of radiation to induce alopecia. Novel therapeutic agents can be administered topically or systemically. Epistem can determine the effect of a novel therapeutic agent on the different stages of the hair cycle and propensity to inhibit hair growth or cause hair loss.

Mucositis Models

Epistem provides in vivo oral and gastrointestinal models which can be used to assess novel anti-mucositis therapies and to evaluate the clinical risk of mucositis induction by novel therapeutic agents.

Phospho-histone H3 labelling on bone marrow cytopsins

Phospho-histone H3 labelling on bone marrow cytopsins

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