Epistem offers orthotopic models of solid human cancer. Human cell lines expressing firefly luciferase are implanted at clinically relevant sites, and disease development imaged longitudinally using the Bruker In Vivo Xtreme Imaging System.

Lung Cancer – A549

A549 is a human alveolar adenocarcinoma cell line and is representative of non small cell lung cancer. This model uses direct intrathoracic injection leading to development of multifocal disease throughout the thoracic cavity. Disease is established by day 7 and the model typically runs out to 6 weeks in untreated controls.

Ovarian Cancer – A2780

A2780 is a cisplatin sensitive human ovarian carcinoma cell line. This model uses intra peritoneal implantation of luc+ A2780 cells. Disease is established by day 7 and multiple solid tumours and tumour ascities develop throughout the i.p. cavity over the course of 6 weeks in untreated controls.

Prostate cancer – LNCaP

LNCaP is a human androgen sensitive prostate adenocarcinoma cell line. We have several models available for study in this line using luc+ cells, including intravenous injection or direct implantation into the femur or testis to utilise the androgen rich environment for growth.

Epistem's cell lines

  • A549
  • A2780
  • LNCaP
  • Others at request

Primary readout

  • Disease burden by optical imaging
  • Further readouts
  • FACS analysis
  • Histology
  • IHC
  • Body weight and condition
  • Serology

H&E section of orthotopic lung tumour in situ

Lung Tumour

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