Epistem offers an in vivo model to assess the effect of novel therapeutic agents on hair growth. This model is relevant to both the personal care industry and for companies interested in oncology therapy side effects, specifically alopecia. Epistem's in vivo hair growth model can be used to inhibit or stimulate hair growth depending upon the application. Hair growth can be synchronised if required.

The effects on the following can be determined:

  • Hair stage
  • Proliferation changes
  • Apoptotic sensitivities
  • Cytotoxicity-induced alopecia

Hair Growth Model Description

The effects of novel therapeutic agents on the length of the stages of the hair growth cycle can be assessed, with or without a cytotoxic insult. Hair growth cycles can be synchronised and the effects on the rate of hair regrowth can be quantified following epilation or a cytotoxic insult.


  • Histology and immunohistochemistry
  • Protein expression
  • Gene expression

Cartoon of hair follicle

Cartoon of hair follicle

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