Epistem's specialist in vitro skin assays can be used as an alternative to in vivo studies to determine the effects of novel therapeutic agents on cell lines or primary cells. Primary cells can be sourced from specified donors and labelling techniques tailored to meet requirements.

Epistem's in vitro skin portfolio is frequently used by cosmetic, personal care and pharmaceutical companies for claims and patent support, biomarker proof of concept and efficacy testing.

Monolayer Culture

Epistem isolates and maintains primary cultures, either from fresh human skin or from a frozen cell bank, for test agent screening. Epistem's monolayer culture is a high throughput assay.

Cell types

  • Keratinocytes
  • Dermal fibroblasts
  • Melanocytes


  • Dose response curve
  • WST-1 cytotoxicity
  • Cell turnover rates
  • Protein expression
  • Gene expression

Keratinocyte monolayer

Keratinocyte monolayer

Melanocyte monolayer

Melanocyte monolayer

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