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GI Toxicity and Mucositis

Mucositis Drug Discovery Platform

Epistem has world recognised intestinal and oral mucositis expertise, providing industry standard models predictive of clinical outcome.

Epithelial Toxicity
Specialised Analysis of Epithelial Toxicity

Epistem provides specialist epithelial tissue and stem cell analysis to investigate the aetiology, mechanism and prevention of epithelial toxicity.

Gastrointestinal Toxicity
Off target / off tissue side effects

Epistem has been continuously providing GI services since its foundation in 2000. Epistem has world recognised GI expertise that can help predict, identify the cause and devise possible mitigation strategies for GI toxicity.

Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS) Delayed Effects of Acute Radiation Injury (DEARE)

Epistem has provided services to NIAID, BARDA, DoD and AFRRI to evaluate potential radioprotectors and mitigators of interest to the US national stockpile. The models are run in accordance with the FDA