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In Vitro and In Vivo Human Angiogenesis Assays

In Vitro and In Vivo Human Angiogenesis Assays

Cancer Stem Cells
In Vitro Assay to Assess Cancer Stem Cell Targeting Agents

Epistem offers tumour sphere assays as part of a comprehensive preclinical oncology programme, from initial assessment of target gene or protein expression to evaluation of cancer stem cell targeting efficacy in vitro.

In Vivo Orthotopic Models of Patient-Derived (PDX) and Cell Line Based Leukemia

Epistem provides clinically relevant in vivo models of leukemia using both patient-derived material and established cell line models. Luciferase imaging enables early detection of leukemia, allowing for an extended treatment window and longitudinal mo

Orthotopic and Metastatic Cancer
In Vivo Orthotopic Models for More Accurate Representation of Clinical Disease

Epistem provides clinically relevant orthotopic in vivo models of solid and metastatic tumors, using highly sensitive state-of-the-art optical imaging with luc+ cell lines, enabling real time visualization of therapeutic outcomes.

Epithelial Tumour Xenograft Services

Epistem provides specialist subcutaneous xenografting services covering a comprehensive range of in vivo epithelial tumour models. Specialist radiation and chemotherapy combination models, and complementary assessment of target and biomarker ...

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Animal Models of Prostate Cancer
Poster presented at the AACR 2019

We have developed a reproducible, well growing and robust subcutaneous model of LNCaP with an effective response to both conventional standard of care (SOC) chemotherapy such as docetaxel and the non-steroidal androgen receptor inhibitor bicalutamide (Casodex).