Epistem’s specialist contract research services provide valuable support to drug discovery and development pipelines through a range of preclinical models of IBD, oncology and pharmacogenomics services. Our mission is to accelerate therapies to market by providing innovative and dependable solutions to complex biomedical challenges. We seek exceptional individuals to help us in a variety of areas both science and non-science based. We offer competitive salaries, including 25 days holiday plus benefits such as private healthcare, life assurance and pension. If you are interested in applying for a position at Epistem please send your CV to careers@epistem.co.uk.

Current Vacancies

Senior or Principal Scientist (depending on experience)

to establish and validate models of fibrotic disease in multiple organs

The current team are looking to strengthen their models of in vivo fibrosis and are looking to recruit one or more scientists to establish and validate models of fibrotic disease in multiple organs.

The candidate should have a PhD (or equivalent experience) in a life science discipline with a strong background in fibrotic remodelling and have practical experience of surgical and/or chemically induced models of fibrotic disease. The ideal candidate will have several years of expertise in an industrial setting (biotechnology or pharma) or have at least 5 years post-doctoral experience in an academic setting. An experienced degree level technician with extensive experience in a relevant fibrotic disease will also be considered.  

The applicant should have:

Extensive experience as a Home Office personal licence holder

Experience managing studies in one or more of pulmonary, hepatic or renal fibrosis, including managing interactions with the Home Office, NAWCO etc.

Currently hold, previously acted as a deputy and/or confidently be able to write and obtain, a Home Office project licence to establish and validate models of fibrosis and then use these to evaluate the efficacy of novel therapeutics.  

Work with other team members to establish assay readouts (including tissue based analyses using histology, immunohistochemisty, RNAscope, cytokine and gene expression profiling)

Experience designing studies, analysing data and preparing reports.

Experience delivering data to strict deadlines and budgets

Strong interpersonal / communications skills, dealing with the laboratory teams, clients and fellow study managers.

Experience writing reports, presenting data (to internal and external audiences), having excellent written English and oral presentation skills.

Experience leading a small laboratory group, both managerially and technically


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