Defining disease mechanism and probing for effective treatments for Generalized Pustular Psoriasis by RNA-seq transcriptomics profiling

To investigate GPP pathogenesis and the efficacy of drugs on molecular level, Wang et al performed RNA-sequencing on peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) obtained from five adult GPP patients before and during treatment with the oral retinoid acitretin.

Memory of EpSC in Wound Healing

Summary of a study investigating how skin inflammation effects EpSCs to allow them to speed up barrier restoration following subsequent tissue damage.

Glut1 – A target for Psoriasis treatment

Glut1 - A Target for Psoriasis Treatment

Gene expression analyses of murine skin highlight strain-dependent effects of Imiquimod on psoriatic signatures

Our gene expression analysis and detailed protein analyses by flow cytometry and Luminex® can further assess disease pathogenesis by the identification of key molecules, or the intracellular mediators they express (cytokines, transcription factors).