Epistem provide a COVID-19 testing service from our accredited laboratories in Manchester.

We offer companies and individuals the ability to submit samples for two tests (both of which are CE-IVD marked):

  • COVID-19 viral detection assay - this test detects the presence of the virus in samples and whether the individual has a COVID-19 infection. This test is conducted from nasal or oral swabs which we will provide along with arranging the logistics on how to return the sample to us for analysis
  • COVID-19 antibody detection test from blood samples - this test is used to detect whether an individual has had the virus by detection of antibodies to the virus from a patient/individual's blood sample.

We offer packages to companies ensuring regular testing programs of your self-isolating staff members, those who are showing symptoms or even your asymptomatic staff members.

We offer quick turn-around times with results provided within 24 hours of sample receipt at Epistem.

Visit our dedicated COVID-19 pages for more information and quote requests on company and individual testing.

To order individual personal testing, use our online booking service.

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