Epistem’s laboratory testing services enable the fast assessment of samples to determine if an individual is infected with COVID-19.

Step 1

Submit an on-line enquiry, email or call our staff for more information.

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Step 2

Place an order for our RT-PCR sampling kit and test.

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Step 3

We'll send you your kits right away.

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Step 4

Use swabs as directed.

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Step 5

Place your swabs into packaging.


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Step 6

Samples will be sent back to Epistem's laboratory.

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Step 7

Results provided online 24 hours from Epistem receipt.

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Our testing capabilities identify individuals with a COVID-19 infection. We offer packages to companies ensuring regular testing programmes of your self-isolating staff members, those who are showing symptoms or even those who are asymptomatic. The procedure is very simple and fast with Epistem providing swabs for sample collection, enabling peace of mind for all employees within organisations.

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