Assessing Limited Quantities of RNA

Epistem are a GCLP accredited laboratory specialising in providing biomarker, target discovery and personalised medicine information to pharmaceutical companies from very limited quantities of RNA.

Our proprietary amplification technique RNA-Amp™ enables us to assess quantities of RNA down to a single cell input (10pg). 

We are able to conduct pharmacogenomic assessments via:

We have utilised this technology to provide pharmacogenomic information from:

  • Single cells
  • Plucked scalp hair (mouse, rat, dog, primate and human)
  • Laser capture microdissected (LCM) tissue
  • Fractionated blood cell populations (PBMC’s)
  • Preclinical and clinical biopsies (in oncology and inflammatory diseases)

We are also able to provide extensive gene expression information from our proprietary database containing information that we have compiled from healthy normal volunteer samples and our own data from clinical and preclinical studies. Using this information, we can quickly recommend the appropriate tissue or sample to monitor drug response.

In addition, the data from these studies has been interrogated to identify potential candidate genes associated with disease and signalling pathways. From this Epistem has established its own disease and pathway gene expression panels.

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