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Epistem's Proprietary Oncology Panels

Designed to complement our orthotopic and xenograft models of cancer we can now offer qPCR and NGS targeted sequencing panels for lung, prostate and leukaemia models. Designed from internal development studies combined with selected published research these panels highlight many of the genes differentially expressed during disease progression and when treated with standards of care.

Commercially Available Oncology Panels

  • AmpliSeq for Illumina Comprehensive Cancer Panel – targeted sequencing covering all exons of 409 cancer associated genes for the detection of Copy Number Variants (CNVs), Insertions-Deletions (indels), Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs), Somatic Variants. Compatible with DNA from FFPE samples.
  • AmpliSeq for Illumina Childhood Cancer Panel – targeted sequencing of 203 genes associated with childhood cancers for the detection of hotspots, single nucleotide variants (SNVs), indels, CNVs and gene fusions. For DNA or RNA, from fresh or FFPE samples
  • AmpliSeq for Illumina Comprehensive Panel v3 – targeted sequencing of 161 unique cancer associated genes including kinase domains and DNA repair genes for the detection of SNPs, CNVs, indels and gene fusions from RNA or DNA including FFPE samples.
  • AmpliSeq for Illumina Immune Repertoire Plus, TCR beta Panel – multiplexed targeted resequencing panel to measure T cell diversity and clonal expansion by sequencing T cell receptor (TCR) beta chain rearrangements for a variety of immunology indications including immune response to chemo- and immune-therapies.
  • The Fluidigm Advanta™ IO Gene Expression Assay is ready to run on Epistem's existing qPCR platform to quantify expression of 170 genes involved in tumour immune response and immune-oncology markers.

Pre-designed or custom designed panels are available upon request. Both our NextSeq 550 and Fluidigm systems provide excellent platforms for targeted resequencing and target validation for cost-effective confirmation of potential biomarkers.

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