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Epistem offers focused Real-Time quantitative and qualitative PCR, with assays being designed and validated for industry standard performance based on a comparative Ct method. We offer off-the-shelf commercial assays and can also customise and design qPCR assays as a service, to Sponsor requirements.  We routinely perform assay validation before deploying an assay on samples.  Epistem offers a variety of qPCR platforms, including the high throughput Fluidigm BioMark platform, enabling us to assess 100s of genes in a single sample.

Data Analysis

Epistem undertakes analysis of data by:

  • Unbiased interrogation of genes differentially expressed between the relevant comparison groups and subsequent biological interpretation
  • Focused analysis of the behaviour of genes or pathways of interest if appropriate.

Standard analysis will include comprehensive statistical analysis and ANOVAs based on group experimental factors. We conduct biological interpretation and pathway analysis using specialised software packages which enable the accurate interpretation of the biological meaning in genomics data. We also use the Broad Institute Connectivity map that links gene patterns associated with disease to corresponding patterns produced by drug candidates. We also specialise in deciphering gene expression information to obtain gene expression signatures relevant to specific compounds that can be used in clinical settings to monitor drug treatment.

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