Epistem's facilities include an Aperio® ScanScope®. The digital ScanScope® slide scanner produces high quality images of full slides and can perform high throughput quantitative image analysis which is not subject to operator bias. Images are publication ready and can be viewed remotely. Image archiving and analysis is fully GCLP compliant.

Epistem can provide a digital slide scanning service and support from any stage. Services can be utilised as a component of an in-house study, combined with sample processing by Epistem's GCLP accredited histology and immunohistochemistry service or as a stand-alone service.

Analysis options of stained or IHC labelled slides include:

  • Area quantification
  • Colocalisation
  • Nuclear quantification
  • Membrane quantification
  • Microvessel detection and quantification
  • Rare event detection
  • Tissue microarray analysis
  • Genie software; a trainable histology pattern recognition programme

The Aperio® ScanScope® is a product of Leica BioSystems

The Aperio ScanScope System

The Aperio® ScanScope® System

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