Epistem provides a highly sensitive and powerful platform for the analysis of hair collected during clinical studies either for market approval or post marketing for patient stratification. Epistem has conducted GCLP accredited clinical studies in support of drug development pipelines for a number of major pharmaceutical customers. Hair is an ideal surrogate tissue as it is easy to sample, has good patient compliance and few ethical issues.

Plucked Hair Sampling

Hair sampling is simple. Sampling kits, including a collection guide, are provided by Epistem and further training in hair sampling is available to ensure optimal quality of tissue. Hairs are rapidly fixed at the collection site and shipped to Epistem for analysis.

Plucked Hair Analysis

Protein Expression - Epistem has developed techniques for reliable and reproducible protein quantification in single plucked human hairs by immunohistochemistry and ELISA. Protein expression and site-specific phosphorylation can be detected and quantified using either whole mount or longitudinal sectioning techniques. Labelling protocols and quantification methods can be developed for each antigen.

Gene Expression - Profiling of hairs is possible using Epistem's proprietary gene expression technologies. Small amounts of RNA are extracted from the hair bulb and gene expression levels are determined by either microarray or qRT-PCR analysis.

Dual labelling of Topoisomerase II (green) and Beta-Catenin (red) in the hair bulb

Dual labelling of Topoisomerase II (green) and Beta-Catenin (red) in the hair bulb

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